Zerek Live Cherabin 6"

Zerek Live Cherabin 6

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Product Information

The Zerek Live Cherabin is a super tough lure that mimics the look and action of a cherabin (freshwater shrimp).

The Zerek Live Cherabin comes pre-rigged with a weedless weighted worm hook and is ready to fish straight out of the packet.

Of course the Cherabin is designed to perfectly accommodate a jig head if that is your preferred fishig style, but it is rigged weedless and fished amongst heavy cover where this lure really shines.

Ultra tough TPE body material is held together by Kevlar webbing, giving the Cherabin a body that is exceptionally durable.

Size  145mm  weight 22.5g

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Product Code ZERKZLYQ28
Condition New

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