Killalure Flatz Rat 2 15+

Killalure Flatz Rat 2 15+


Product Information

The original "snag walker". The Killalure Flatz Rat 2 is a multi-purpose lure that is well suited to both casting & trolling. One of our most popular lures for well over a decade, the Flatz Rat 2 will take everything from Barra & Jacks up north to Flathead & Bass down south. Deep-diving and true-running, these tough little lures are fitted with heavy-duty hardware to handle anything that's likely to strike. A wide selection of colours and a wicked wiggle action provide great results on all predatory fish species. Whether you're fishing the freshwater for Barra, Saratoga, Perch, Bass, Yellowbelly or Cod; or chasing Flathead, Jacks, Barra, Trevally, Threadfin, Grunter and just about everything else that eats a lure in the salt; then the Flatz Rat 2 will produce outstanding results. The over-sized 'polyflex' bib and positive buoyancy provide excellent 'snag-walking' abilities, allowing the Flatz Rat 2 to be fished right through heavy, fish-holding structure. Few fish will say no to a Flatz Rat 2 as it twitches past their domain!

Product Code KIL9DKSN13
Condition New
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