Killalure 2 Deep by Lance Butler

Killalure 2 Deep by Lance Butler


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2 Deep by Lance Butler

The 2Deep is truly a great lure, capable of diving up to 20+ feet on the troll, the 2Deep features a superb action that predatory fish simply cannot resist.
This fantastic deep-diving lure is sized perfectly to target a wide variety of fish species, of all sizes! It’s big enough to tempt a strike from the real TROPHY specimens, yet small enough that it won’t spook the smaller species as well.
The 2Deep is a great Aussie “all-rounder” that works in a wide variety of fishing situations. It is ideal for both casting & trolling, and is a proven performer on Barra, Mangrove Jacks, Threadfin Salmon, Fingermark, Grunter, Cod, Trevally, Coral Trout, Flathead, Aussie Salmon, Bonito, Mulloway, Tailor, Kingfish, Snapper and plenty of others.
The 2Deep is built tough using Killalure’s famous heavy-duty engineering which includes HD stainless rings and VMC 3X strong saltwater trebles. Also fitted with our pat. pending D.I.S. Dynamic Interchange System & H2O HydroKeel concepts!

The Killalure H2O HydroKeel was designed by Lance Butler and incorporates hydrodynamic principles to stabilise the action of a hard-body diving lure. The H2O HydroKeel may look like a very simple concept, and that’s because it is. After all, it’s just a hole in the bib – right? Well, yes; but in order for it to function correctly, the H2O HydroKeel must be sized and positioned exactly in relation to the size of the lure and the bib. This is where things become a little more complex.

The H2O HydroKeel allows water to pass through the bib of the lure at a specific rate of flow(controlled by size & position) which serves two purposes; the first is to relieve pressure over the leading face of the bib, thus reducing resistance at a controlled rate; and the second is to stabilise the action of the lure by creating a theoretical ‘track’ through the bib, making the lure track straight and run true. All that an angler really needs to worry about though, is that the Killalure H2O HydroKeel makes a great lure swim even better!


D.I.S. – short for Dynamic Interchange System – is a new concept in hard-body lure performance from Killalure. The D.I.S. concept incorporates a series of special CAD-designed chambers that fit into the body of the lure allowing the angler to instantly alter it’s dynamic properites. Experienced anglers have long known that predatory fish species will respond differently to lures depending on the surrounding conditions and environment.
In some situations, predators may not strike at a lure unless it is rattling loudly and drawing their attention – this can be particulary so in very dirty water or in low-light conditions. Conversely, that same predator may shy completely away from a loud rattling lure under different conditions, becoming very ‘spooky’ and only responding to more subtle presentations i.e. a silent lure. This could be the case in very shallow or very clear water, for example.
Previously, when an angler wanted a specific sonic output in a lure (i.e. a loud or silent lure), he or she would have to change between different lures, often to a completely different lure style, to get the desired response. Well thanks to the Killalure D.I.S. concept, an angler can now keep the same lure tied to their line, and simply change between the different D.I.S. chambers to alter the sonic output and create the best lure for the prevailing conditions. This fantastic new concept allows anglers to take control of their lures performance and tweak it to perform at it’s peak under any situation.

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