Warlock 80 Lure 4 mt

Warlock 80 Lure 4 mt


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Warlock 80

Warlock Lures are the latest design from master luremaker Rob Gaden. Over 30 years of luremaking experience has been used to create & refine 'The Warlock'. Warlock Lures have a unique & unsurpassed cycle rate; creating an irresistable sonic footprint unlike any other hard-body lure on the market. This unique action is achieved through our latest innovation: "S.A.P." short for "Sonic Amplifying Panels". These scalloped panels on the underside of the lures flanks amplify & reflect strong sonic vibrations that closely mimic those of a panicked baitfish; causing an instant strike instinct in any nearby predators. "This lure is the standout best design I have ever made!" - Rob Gaden

The Warlock 80 is a superb all-rounder for Australian fishing conditions. This great lure is the perfect size for all tropical snag casting, where it will readily catch just about everything that swims. Ideal for Barramundi, Mangrove Jacks, Queenfish, Trevally, Fingermark, Cod, Grunter and many, many more. The tight, pronounced action of the Warlock 80 draws aggressive strikes from these predators, and also makes this lure a fantastic choice for all trolling purposes.
Further south, the Warlock 80 is simply deadly on Flathead of all sizes, although bigger lizards in particular seem to find this lure irresistable when trolled along the bottom in deeper water. The Warlock 80 is also a great choice when trolling for Tailor, Salmon, Bonito & Kingfish down south, and the tight action makes it extremely stable on the troll, even in a bit of swell.
As with all Warlock Lures, the Warlock 80 is built tough to handle harsh Aussie fishing conditions. The lures are factory-fitted with stainless heavy-duty split rings and 3X strong VMC saltwater trebles as standard. The Warlock 80 is available in a +2.5m & +4m version; with the +2.5m making a deadly casting lure, and the +4m superb on the troll.

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