Classic PRO Alternative +12 Lure

Classic PRO Alternative +12 Lure


Product Information

 The Classic 120 Pro Alternative
The Classic 120 Pro Alternative is the dirty water king. A chubby version of the F18, this wide-bodied lure features an oversized sonic-rattle cavity that can be heard for miles. Add this ultra-loud rattle with the broad body profile, and you end up with a lure that causes more underwater vibration and disturbance than any other. The Pro Alternative is the ultimate dirty water Barra lure, and also produces great results in the darkness of night. With two depth ranges covered, +8ft and +12ft , the Pro Alternative will find fish no matter where they are hiding. 

The 120 Pro-Alternative features a wide body profile that helps to reduce snagging in rough country. Also features one of the loudest rattles on the market, and really wakes them up in dark or turbid water. Great for casting & trolling. Very popular lure for impoundment Barra fishing.
Think Barra, Jacks, Threadfin, Coral Trout, Jewfish, Flathead, Tailor and Kingfish.



Product Code GAD313
Condition New
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