Classic F18 Manta Ray Lure

Classic F18 Manta Ray Lure


Product Information

Following on from the success of the Classic F18, the F18 Manta Ray is the deepest diving lure in the Classic range. By developing a new bib design, we have been able to get the F18 Manta Ray to dive down to 18 feet.  
Being bib-towed, there were concerns for the strength and integrity of the lure, however we have developed an industry-benchmark fixing system. By using 2 stainless steel pins to lock the bib in place, the “TwinPin Chinlock” systems ensures this lure will not only handle the biggest of Barra, but will also swim straight and true, first time, every time. 
The F18 Manta Ray is the ultimate deep-water trolling lure, and due to its crash-diving nature, also makes a superb casting lure for fishing steep banks and snags. The F18 Manta Ray will take Barra, Jacks, Threadfin, Trevally, Kingfish, Tailor, Bonito and is also a sensational Flathead troller in the south.

CLASSIC F18 Manta Ray 
Length: 120mm, weight: 28 grams, rattle, 3 hooks. 
Depth: 18ft.



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Condition New
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