Classic Barra 120 +6 Lure

Classic Barra 120 +6 Lure


Product Information

The most popular lure in our range, the Classic 120 is the perfect “All-Rounder” for any situation.  The +6 is an additon to the every poopular 120 series, diving to 6 feet.  The demand from up north for a lure to swim in between the current +3 and +10 was overwhelming and it made perfect sense for the addition to take is place in the family.  This lure depth is also an excellent choice around creek mouths, sand flats and rock walls. A mid-sized lure, the Classic 120 represents a standard prey item for most predatory fish species. At 120mm long, with a weight of 23 grams, the Classic 120 is well suited to both casting and trolling. This extra-strong, rattling lure is ideal for any species that preys upon mid-sized baitfish. Think Barra, Jacks, Threadfin, Flathead, Kingfish and everything in between.



Product Code GAD3E3RG13
Condition New
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