Classic Barra 120 +10 Lure

Classic Barra 120 +10 Lure


Product Information

The most popular lure in our range, the Classic 120 is the perfect “All-Rounder” for any situation. diving to a certain depth. +10 is the most popular version, diving to 10 feet, and will take fish just about anywhere.
A mid-sized lure, the Classic 120 represents a standard prey item for most predatory fish species. At 120mm long, with a weight of 30 grams, the Classic 120 is well suited to both casting and trolling. This extra-strong, rattling lure is ideal for any species that preys upon mid-sized baitfish. Think Barra, Jacks, Threadfin, Flathead, Kingfish and everything in between.

The NEW Classic Ghost Series features a dual moulded body that allows for a range of lifelike finishes and enhanced colour designs that have proven even more effective than existing colour ranges. In addition to the Ghost like Finish, the lures fitted with heavy duty hardware and strong VMC treble hooks. The Ghost Series lures are a great all-rounder that will take most larger predators in both fresh & saltwater and they are the first choice of lure for all serious anglers
Responsible for more tournament winning Barra than any other lure! 





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