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The suspending buoyancy of the 75mm Trigger is dynamite on the cast, crank the minnow down and pause next to structure, so many times a fish will strike whilst the lure is paused flashing away. Given the smaller profile of the Trigger you can use this lure on a number of different species including Barra and Jacks up North to Golden Perch and Trout down south.

This LED technology is scientifically proven to increase strike rates, to activate the LED just cast the lure into the water which turns the LED on, and when you retrieve the lure from the water the LED turns off automatically.

The Trigger features a revolutionary LED technology, this is water activated "Blood RED" LED in the tail of the lures.  this flashing light acts as a bleeding baitfish and can enhance both feeding and territorial responses on a wide variety of species.

Comes with lithium batteries that last an impressive 120+ hours.

The 6 foot diver has a cracking action and is known amongst a growing amount of tournament anglers as the secret weapon.

Diving depth of 2 metres.

Body length 70mm

 Aurora Green   Silver Bullet  

Brook Trout  Firegreen


Product Code BALJAGX719
Condition New
Weight 0.04kg

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