Custom Barra Lure Packs $200

Custom Barra Lure Packs $200


Product Information

 At unlike a lot of stores and websites we understand that there is no such thing as a standard Barra Lure Pack.

It depends on where you are fishing saltwater, freshwater billabongs, lakes, weather you like trolling or casting.

What sort of fishing you like trolling or casting or a bit of both.

Do you want deep divers, shallow divers, suspendering lure or want some susface action or do you need apack to mix it up.   

We make it easy for you  pick a  amount that suits you we will contact you have a talk about  where you're heading what sort of fishing you wish to do and we customize a pack to suit your needs.

Product Code CUSQKIIQ19
Weight 0.52kg

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