Classic Bluewater F160

Classic Bluewater F160

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The Bluewater series was developed for the hard-core saltwater and game fisherman.

Every model in the Bluewater series has been rigorously tested and engineered to ensure that they are up to the task of doing battle with some of the oceans largest  sport and gamefish.

The F160 Minnow is a refined & improved version of the original Bluewater F18 160 lure.  The F160 featues the same great action as the original F18 series, only in a more stable, and more durable format.

The F160 minnow will troll perfectly across a wide range of speeds from 2 to 10 knots, and is truly deadly on all larger saltwater pelagic species such as Wahoo, Spanish Mackerel, Mahi Mahi, GT's, Yellowtail kingfish and all large Tuna species.

The F160 minnow can be trolled easily behind all vessels, from small trailer boats to the largest gameboat in the fleet.

Fitted with USA made HD stainless split rings and 3X strong VMC permasteel trebles.

Lenght 160mm   Depth +3m  weight 34g

Blue Pillie  Green Mackerel

Gold/Black Big Dog

Blue Mackerel


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