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The Hunchback 60 features our new micro LED technology. Despite been only 60mm in length we've squeezed our technology in and it works a treat. The Hunchback 60 has an epic crawling action, ideal for Bass and Murray Cod. Featuring ultra sharp BKK hooks so that you can hook and hold quality fish.

If you think surface fishing is exciting, wait until you try the all new Balista Hunchback Murray Cod surface lures. The flashing red LED light in the tail of the lure sets the scene for amazing visuals as large surface feeding Murray Cod belt the 'flashing' Hunchback off the surface. The way our technology works is the red LED light increases attention to the lure, and the flashing frequency draws more strikes on the lure. The LED is water activated, simply cast the lure into the water and the LED turns on, when you retrieve the lure the LED turns off automatically.

Its one thing to get strikes on a Cod surface lure, its an entirely different ball game hooking up on those strikes and converting those strikes into fish landed. The lure design inspired the Hunchback name, as the tail of the lure hunches around and down to allow the rear point of the lure to sit below the surface which is why the lure has such good hook up rates. In conjunction with the hook-up specific design of the lure we fit the Hunchback out with large 3X Mustad 1/0 trebles for big strength as well as further promoting excellent hook up rates.

Also featuring a clip off bib allowing you to crawl the Hunchback across the  surface, or walk the dog. The clip off bib also makes for handy storage, as surface crawlers are generally difficult to store with the large nature of the bibs. You can store the Hunchback surface crawler in your tackle box with ease.

Purple Night  Ghost Minnow

Golden Guts  Hybrid Green

  T Frog


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