Lethal Leaders

Lethal Leaders


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Lethal Leaders are a necessity for catching big barra amongst snaggy rivers and dams.  They are very popular especially with Anglers targeting Barramundi, Mangrove Jack, and many other species. 

 Each packet includes 3 leaders.  Currently making 20lb with Platypus “Rod Harrison” Line and 30lb, 40lb & 50lb are made from Platypus Line.  They have a Arafura Crosslock Snap attached to each leader.

Lethal Leaders like many great Australian inventions and innovations were born out of the need of necessity.

With the popularity of braided lines with no stretch, leaders have become an important link between anglers and their fish.

In the early 2000’s Impoundment Barra Fishing became very popular with anglers constantly hooking metre to metre twenty fish but losing them amongst the timber.

This is when the need for a strong, shock absorbing, abrasive resistant leader was required and Lethal Leaders filled the gap.

Today Lethal Leaders are not only used in impoundment fishing but are popular with anglers Australia wide who love to target big hard fighting fish in snaggy areas.

Lethal leaders are manufactured from Quality Australian made Platypus Line which makes them suppler than standard leader material and have maximum abrasion resistance.

They are a four line plait into a two line plait with a loop at the end.  Join your leader to your braid using the Albright knot, giving you a small knot which glides through your runners easily.  These leaders have great shock absorbing and supple characteristics.  Lethal Leaders are Tuff Abrasion Resistant and suppler, equalling better lure action, giving Great Shock Absorbing Characteristics making them ideal for casting and trolling and easy are to tie to braids – No Big Knots. 

Lethal Leaders help prevent being snagged, they give you the ability to feel snags on your leader before your lure hits them, allowing you time to raise your rod and preventing your lure from snagging.  Proudly Australian Made.


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