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Spring Barra are on the bite, check out the Balista Juggernaut with the LED light in the tail - in stock NOW



New into Foxies the OZ BARRA LURE.

Beautifully made, this lure is ideal for Barra, Jacks, Jews, Cod etc.

Robust construction will ensure a long fish catching life.

Other features are a very loud internal rattle and realistic eyes.

This lure has an enticing wiggle and is a real producer of fish.

Trialled this weekend & had some great hits with it.

Available in a range of sizes, depths & colours.


YO ZURI 3DB Crayfish™

                                                                 The 3DB Crayfish is a slow sinking crayfish pattern hard-bait, a forage favorite for Largemouth Bass. The design includes the patented Internal 3D Prism Finish along with

                                                                 Yo-Zuri’s Wave Motion Technology. In additon to these features, each 3DB Crayfish includes a realistic prism egg sac with UV properties. The 3DB Crayfish has a jointed tail

                                                                 that articulates as the bait is fished as a jig, or slow swimming action, just above the bottom. The hook is held in strike postion by a heavy duty cable weed guard.

  • Internationally patented Internal 3D Prism Finish and Wave Motion Technology
  • Strong polycarbonate body
  • Prism Egg Sack for realistic portrayal
  • Jointed butterfly stroke action
  • Floating arms made from a durable proprietary material
  • Black nickel double hook



new product for recreational fishing.

SinkerLock keeps the sinker safely attached
to the rod.

No more swinging hooks and sinkers.
No more tangles.






















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The Tackle Shop with the know and the know how. John and Jackie are the most friendliest, down to earth country people you'd ever meet, who are most willing to share their local knowledge and information on what lures the fish are biting on! Do yourselves a favour and check out their online store or drop into their local store next time you're heading north through Gin Gin.
Cheers Bracey!

Well worth dropping in, all good information available, whats biting on which lure, good specials in the shop and a great range. If your fishing Monduran or further north, they certainly have the knowledge of fish and locations. Besides that they are very nice people. Highly Recommended.


There is no better Tackle Shop in Australia. There are some bigger but none better. Best Service and knowledge and the prices are competitive with the bigger shops.